Bethany Floodplain

bethany floodplain
bethany floodplain

Project Details

  • Category
    Environmental, Graphics
  • Location
    Portland, Oregon
  • Partner
    Pacific Habitat Services
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Project Summary

Working with Pacific Habitat Services, Ecotone provided on-site assistance during the site inventory an d assessment in addition to leading the graphic development of the Mitigation Plan for the floodplain. A presentation board was designed to provide the client with a clear understanding of the proposed enhancements to the floodplain.

Existing Reed Canary Grass dominates the floodplain by outcompeting plant communities that are native to the area, which has created a monoculture with little habitat value. Enhancement of wetland hydrology and restoration of native plant communities will improve habitat for sensitive species, increase detention of floodwaters, and reduce habitat fragmentation within this riparian corridor.