Hallock McMillen Building
Green Roof

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Project Details

  • Category
    Green Roof
  • Location
    Portland, Oregon
  • Architect
    Emerick Architects
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Project Summary

Emerick Architects brought us on board as the ecoroof experts for a very unique project in the Hallock-Mcmillan Building. The Halleck McMillen building is the oldest commercial brick building in Portland as it was built in 1857. Developer John Russell saw much potential in the building and we are excited to be a part of such a monumental Historical Renovation.

Because of budgetary constraints, it was decided that a non-proprietary multi-layer system was the most appropriate option for the project. The ecoroof will be small at 150 square feet, but is unique as it will be viewable by occupants of the second floor of the building. The ecoroof will have three boulders situated amidst an amazing palette of drought tolerant sedums that have been designed to have contrasting colors of both flowers and foliage color throughout the year. The Ecoroof is scheduled to be built within the next year.

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