Mead Building
Green Roof

mead building green roof
mead building green roof

Project Details

  • Category
    Green Roof
  • Location
    Portland, Oregon
  • Architect
    Carleton Hart Architecture
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Daniel Edwards was the project manager for this project while affiliated with Macdonald Environmental Planning prior to founding Ecotone

Project Summary

This 5,743 square foot green roof is located on a Multnomah County Building and was designed to accomodate a maximum saturated weight of 13 pounds per square foot. After much research, an extensive mat system by Green Living Technologies was chosen as the ideal system for the project. The soil profile is 2.5" deep and a bio-fertilization pump is utilized to enhance the health of the limited plant palette. Only 8 species of succulents were chosen as these species had proven to withstand extreme drought on other test green roofs.